Sunday, 6 December 2009

Good Week/ Bad Week..

Firstly good week.....its my birthday tomorrow and i'm off to the clothes show woop!! Expect alot of retail therapy and beauty buys! Hopefully I will get some make up for presents that I have been dropping hints about hehe!

Now bad week time....I spilt with my boyfriend the other day so I am not really looking forward to celebrating my birthday all alone so I am definately going to be doing alot of retail therapy tomorrow to take my mind off things! We were together for 3 years before splitting at the beginning of the year then we tried to work things out over the last few months but it hasnt worked....a man never changes girls! So now I need some post break up ideas to help me?? any advice please??


1 comment:

  1. oh...I'm very sorry about your boyfriend...but I hope you have a great day tomorrow with your shopping, and forget everything.
    MY idea?? well, meet your girlfriends,drink a lot of wine and party party!!! hahaha
    happy birthday!