Sunday, 19 July 2009

Eyelash Enhancement Products

When I was in America a few months ago everywhere I went I saw these eyelash enhancement products that claimed to make your eyelashes grow longer. As an addict of falsh eyelashes I was very intrigued so I spent a small fortune, firstly on Talika Liposils ($40) and a few months later I moved on to Enormous Lash which was considerably more expensive!

This was about 4 months ago and I am disappointed to report that I haven't noticed much of a difference :(

I used Talika Liposils first for a while and I did notice that my lashes were stronger as they didnt drop out esp when I use to really rub my eyes when taking make up off, and they were slightly longer so I would give this products a thumbs up :) but after spending close to $100 on enormous lash I was expecting good results but after 3 months continuous use now there is no difference!

I have heard good things about other products such as Lilash, but am reluctant to spend so much money again on a product that doesn't work, so if anyone has used these products and they have worked I would love to know!


L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer

While browsing in Boots yesterday I saw this little pot by the L'Oreal Professional line, which claims to be a 'smoothing resurfacing primer'. I am always on the lookout for a primer which smoothes my skin and makes my make up stay on a treat! So I purchased and after trying it out last night.......I love it!!

As you can see in the pictures the primer is a bit like a thick sticky glue (doesnt sound appealing I know) but when applied to skin, it really did what it promised my skin felt so smooth and soft and my foundation just glided on my skin.....better still after dancing all night my foundation and make up still managed to stay on all night and I put it down to this little pot!!

After trying many different primers such as Smashboxx, Benefit, Mac etc this is the best one I have tried!

First Blog....

Welcome to my first blog!

I have never blogged before but recently I have become slightly addicted to beauty blogs, and thought hey I can share my thoughts too!

I love reading fellow bloggers reviews and trying new products so stay tuned for reviews and what products I rate and what I dont!!