Saturday, 26 September 2009

Saturday means Shopping day!

Even though I had to work on a saturday (the joys of working in a hospital...kiss goodbye to your weekends....but hello lots of overtime money!), I still managed to do my usual saturday shopping spree, I actually think I am a shopaholic, but oh well you only live once!

So I now feel compelled to share my shopping haul and the lovely beauty goodies I picked up :)

From Left to Right we have:

  • 2True Liquid Eyeliner from Superdrug - had a quick play with this before, cant say it is anything to rave about, colour wasn't intense and I cant see it lasting all night but for £1.95 what can you expect??

  • Maybelline Ambre Rose Colour Sensation LipStick - OMG my new favourite!! I have read the reviews from many bloggers and I can see why this has got such good reviews, the colour is a gorgeous coral pink, which is very warm and nourishing, quite similar to Barry M 147 lipcolour but not as drying, I LOVE this!!

  • MAC Politely Pink LipStick - A gorgeous soft barely there pink which is perfect for daytime, very soft and warm and easy to wear

  • GOSH Lip Jam in 107 - A new favourite lip gloss!! This is a light pink lip gloss which I have been wearing over MAC's politely pink for a more intense glossy look for the lipstick, I actually think this lip jam is a good dupe for a Lancome Juicy Tube I use to love!

  • The Body Shop's Tantalising Lip Butter - Ever since I saw Lollipop26's review on this product I have been seraching every body shop but to no avail....until today...yay!! And I have to say I have only used it today but I quite like!! I can imagine wearing it over bright intense lipsticks to make the colour more wearable and not as 'harsh'.

I have done a swatch of the lipsticks (with flash), the top swatch is Ambre Rose 113, and below MAC Politely Pink,

And here is a picture of my lips wearing Ambre Rose...I love this sooooo much

And last but not least....a shopping trip is not complete without clothes! Even though I can not cram anything else into my wardrobe...I need a coat and jumper for winter!

I love this coat, I love the buttons and the design and can dress it up or down so definately a must need piece for winter and it is only from H&M! And I picked the jumper up from Oasis, I love chunky knits in winter and plan on wearing this with a long sleeve top underneath with skinny jeans a big leather belt and boots for a stylish warm winter look!
Anyone else been saturday shopping??

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bling, Bling, Bling.......

I have pimped my Blackerry!!

I have seen Jordan and Paris Hilton with diamond encrusted covers for their blackerry and hell, if its good enough for them its damn well good enough for me :)

So I saw this cover on ebay for a mere £10 and got myself some bling!!

I love may be a bit tacky but I dont care i am in love with my blackberry :)
Is it too tacky or can I pull it off 'a la Jordan and Paris style'?

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Legs 11.......

Last night my friend asked me.....why do your legs always look so shiny and gorgeous? So my beauty tips for my legs must work I thought maybe I would blog my little 'leg routine' to get gorgous soft sexy looking legs.....

Here goes peeps.....

1. Firstly I always shave my legs in the shower and I never use shower cream, my secret beauty weapon conditioner! Any hair conditioner will do the trick, FYI I am currently using herbal essences hydration conditioner as I also like the fragrance (another plus instead of using shaving cream!), I lather the conditioner on my legs then shave my legs as usual, this makes your legs sooo soft it is unbelievable!

2. Next as soon as I get out of the shower I use Johnsons Baby Oil on wet skin then pat dry

3. If I am dressing up or getting my legs out then I use MAC strobe cream, I rub a small amount in the palms of my hands then pat over my legs

4. Voila! Your legs will be sexy, as soft as a babys, smooth and has a gorgeous sheen to them!
I have tried to find some pictures that would demonstrate the effect this gives and these are the best I could find!

PS, excuse the horrible cigarette in one picture this was taken last year when I went through a spell of about a week where I decided to try smoking as the girls I was on holiday with smoked.....I wouldn't recommend it girls!!!
This last picture was taken in Ibiza last week.......such a cool and stylish place, the ultimate party island cant wait to go back!

If you want to tone your legs as well, then I really recommend running, this tones my legs up and is the ultimate cellulite buster!!

I hope this gives you all sexy legs.........


Monday, 14 September 2009

Hitting Pan......

I am always interested to see which products people use to the bitter end.....and hit pan! It obviously means its a great product and it works otherwise you wouldn't keep coming back to it time and time again.

So here are a few products that I am currently hitting pan on=

From Left - Right we have=
MAC Well Dressed Blusher - Love this colour, gorgeous soft pink that looks very pretty on my cheeks
Sephora Eyeshadow in Strass 10 = a beige/goldy colour with few gold flecks in! I love to wear this all over the eyelid as a base when i'm going out to give a bit of glamour!
Benefit Thrrob Blusher = Again I think this is a perfect pink blusher that gives you that perfect rosy cheeked look
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer - LOVE LOVE LOVE this! This makes my oily skin matt, makes my make up last alllllllll day long and is an overall skin perfector!!
Benefit Hoola Bronzer - In my opinion THE perfect bronzer, not shimmery or glittery just a perfect post holiday tan in a box!
Benefit Erase Paste - I actually prefer the benefit boing concealer in 02 but this is almost as good, it covers any imperfections and I like the creamy consistency but I do think there are better concealers out there!

Which products do you regularly hit pan on??

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Where I store my make up.........

I love seeing how people store their make up, mainly for a nosy and a few ideas hehe so here is my ever expanding make up storage......
This is my 'beauty table' where I like to keep all my favourite and most used products all looking pretty and gorgeous!
I got the box of drawers from Ikea for 7.99, (they come flat packed but dad came to the rescue and put them together!) and painted them cream, and the black 'looking fabulous' box on top is an old shoe box which I store my 'misellaneous' make up items in!
I also have fairy lights dotted around the area for a little 'boudoir' feel!

I like to keep my perfumes on display too, vera wang, chanel, dior and benefit, and I keep my brushes in a little silver pot,

First set of drawers from left to right......eyelash draw, eye shadow draw (a small selection of my most used shadows!!), lipstick draw

All my mascaras, selections of blushers, powders, compacts.....

Foundations, highlighters, concealers etc!
These are all my most used items so they all get pride of place in the cream boxes! everything else goes in the black box, although I think I need more boxes my collection seems to be growing by the second!
I love seeing how you all store your make up....what do you all use?? More ideas welcome please!
I am off to the party isle of IBIZA tonight yay especially looking forward to partying in Space, Eden, Cafe Del Mar etc and even more looking forward to the duty free MAC counter at the airport......i can see a big haul coming up!!!