Sunday, 19 July 2009

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer

While browsing in Boots yesterday I saw this little pot by the L'Oreal Professional line, which claims to be a 'smoothing resurfacing primer'. I am always on the lookout for a primer which smoothes my skin and makes my make up stay on a treat! So I purchased and after trying it out last night.......I love it!!

As you can see in the pictures the primer is a bit like a thick sticky glue (doesnt sound appealing I know) but when applied to skin, it really did what it promised my skin felt so smooth and soft and my foundation just glided on my skin.....better still after dancing all night my foundation and make up still managed to stay on all night and I put it down to this little pot!!

After trying many different primers such as Smashboxx, Benefit, Mac etc this is the best one I have tried!


  1. wow this product sounds great i have to try it out even though i have several primers that are untouched lol

  2. This looks good...what skin type are you? Would it be suitable for oliy/combo skin do you think? x

  3. Hi Laura, my skin is oily/ combination and gets very shiny on nights out! but this little pot is a miracle shin banished!!

  4. Wow, that's awesome! I'm going to have to try this out,I'm always looking for a good primer as well.. thanks for the review!