Sunday, 20 September 2009

Legs 11.......

Last night my friend asked me.....why do your legs always look so shiny and gorgeous? So my beauty tips for my legs must work I thought maybe I would blog my little 'leg routine' to get gorgous soft sexy looking legs.....

Here goes peeps.....

1. Firstly I always shave my legs in the shower and I never use shower cream, my secret beauty weapon conditioner! Any hair conditioner will do the trick, FYI I am currently using herbal essences hydration conditioner as I also like the fragrance (another plus instead of using shaving cream!), I lather the conditioner on my legs then shave my legs as usual, this makes your legs sooo soft it is unbelievable!

2. Next as soon as I get out of the shower I use Johnsons Baby Oil on wet skin then pat dry

3. If I am dressing up or getting my legs out then I use MAC strobe cream, I rub a small amount in the palms of my hands then pat over my legs

4. Voila! Your legs will be sexy, as soft as a babys, smooth and has a gorgeous sheen to them!
I have tried to find some pictures that would demonstrate the effect this gives and these are the best I could find!

PS, excuse the horrible cigarette in one picture this was taken last year when I went through a spell of about a week where I decided to try smoking as the girls I was on holiday with smoked.....I wouldn't recommend it girls!!!
This last picture was taken in Ibiza last week.......such a cool and stylish place, the ultimate party island cant wait to go back!

If you want to tone your legs as well, then I really recommend running, this tones my legs up and is the ultimate cellulite buster!!

I hope this gives you all sexy legs.........



  1. I use conditioner too! Great tips! :-)

  2. Love in the T-shirt! Ibiza Rocks indeed im not long back i miss it :(

    Peace & love xx

  3. I use conditioner too but my legs don't look as good as yours lol

  4. Great tips!If my legs are a bit pale...I also use MAC Face & Body Foundation mixed with a little Loreal Sublime instant tan (the caramel one) and it makes your legs glow. Great post! xx

  5. I have never tried to baby oil before so I'm going to try this! Great tips thanks, I bet my legs feel a bit neglected after reading this! ha x