Monday, 5 October 2009

Clothes Show Live 2009!

I have just booked my ticket for the clothes show live at the NEC in birmingham....good times!

It is actually a little birthday present to myself :) Its my birthday on monday 7th December, and every year I always book the day off work and spend lots of money shopping! So this year I thought I would take myself to the clothes show and indulge in all the beauty make overs, freebies and clothes galore!!
Unfortunately as its a monday all my friends and my mum are working so they cant come with me but i'm actually secretly relieved as I love to shop on my own (is that just me??), I can spend as long as I want deciding over which beauty products to get (believe me I can take a long time to decide which products I need to get....and then usually getting everything ha!) and I can go to whatever stall I want without feeling like I'm holding somebody up!

So the countdown is on for my birthday!!!

Is anybody else off to the clothes show??


  1. Not going this year but went a few years ago and its beauty and fashion heaven! x

  2. Yep, I'm going but on the Sunday with a work colleague. Haven't been there in years!

  3. I know it's rude to ask a lady this but how old are you going to be? I only ask as Clothes Show Live celebrates it's 21st birthday this year and we're trying to get hold of as many CSL visitors as possible who are also 21 over the 6 days of show for a PR story we're running.

    (Team CSL)

  4. unfortunately i'm going to be 24...would love to be 21 again!