Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A new skincare regime!

I have a love/hate relationship with my skin, sometimes it is spot free and glowing and othertimes it can be dull and spotty! i'm 23 for crying out loud surely it shouldn't be acting like its 16 any longer?!?!?
So last week it started acting up and I decided to try a new defence to deal with it! A few months ago I tried Garnier Pure Active range but I was not impressed I didnt notice any difference in my skin at all, I didnt like the smell of it and overall it just didnt perform well!

So here is my top 3 skin heros that I have worshipped this past week and have noticed an overall lift in my skin :) spots that I felt were going to 'appear' in the morning have not shown, or not been as red or noticable as usual, overall my skin has felt clean and refresher and therefore clearer hurray!!

So firstly I picked up the Neutrogena Visible Clear 2 in 1 wash/mask, I have read good things on a few blogs about this which is why it caught my eye in Boots, I love the consistency of this, it is clay based so can be used as a 5 minute mask once a week, which I did a few nights ago, and every morning and night have been using it as a face wash. My skin feels so clean after using this I love it!

Secondly any spots that I had or could feel surfacing I put a little bit of this cream on the area, it is oxy 10 spot treatment, and I think that this really does work, You only need a small amount otherwise it can dry your skin too much, but if used straight away on spots then I can usually catch it quick and prevent it from getting any worse!

And lastly before bed everynight I have been slapping this gem of a pot on my face! Yes Sudocrem the skin saviour!! I say only use it before bed as it leaves a slight white tinge on your face until it has all been absorbed in your skin, but this is amazing for your skin, it is antibacterial and is excellent for looking after your skin and reducing spots, redness and any other skin problem!

So I have put my good skin down to this regime! I really think that is has been doing my skin the world of good, so I intend to keep it up and hopefully perfect skin will be mine!!


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  1. I definitely need to find a skin care regime to sort my skin out, although it seems to be ok at the min. I tried putting Sudocrem on before bed once, but my skin is so sensitive it just went bright red and had me crying my eyes out thinking it wouldn't go down by the morning for work. I must have had a reaction to something in it, so won't be trying that again. Although everyone I hear from has always said it's worked wonders on their skin! :)