Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I'd Like to thank me.............

Jo at All Things Beautiful has awarded me my first blog award...yay....I feel like I should make some sort of Oscar style speech...haha....but dont worry girls I wont bore with you that!!
Its really nice to know that fellow bloggers enjoy reading my beauty obsessions, as I love reading other beauty blogs for advice and inspirations so thank you Jo!!
So apprently I must now state 10 facts about moi.....
1. I work as a Radiographer at a busy hospital, my job involves taking x-rays, working in the x-ray department in a&e, working in theatre and numerous other x-ray related examinations!! I love my job as everyday is something completely different, especially in a&e you never know what is goning to come through that door next!!
2. I still live at home :( but its not all bad I get to save loads of money and spend loads of money on me! I want to work abroad for a little while so I dont see the point in buying a house when I went to travel first....settling down can come later on!!
3. I am a gym bunny, I love working out and try to work out everyday, I love the feeling and buzz I get from a big run or hard boxercise class and of course it keeps me in shape :)
4. I am a book worm, I must go through a book a week! I was obsessed with the twilight series....girls go read! and you too will fall in love with Edward Cullen, I cant wait for the next film to be released!!
5. My car is my baby, I drive a new Volkswagon Beetle and I love her :)
6. I love cherry brandy and coke....mmmmmm
7. I have a slight obsession with Heat magazine (and any other magazine come to think of it)
8. Charlotte Church is my idol.....she is down to earth, naturally pretty and doesnt care what anyone thinks, she is an inspiration! I even went all the way to London to watch her gig!
9. I love IBIZA! and partying!!
10. I have a secret love for motown music!!
There are my 10 very random facts and I have nominated some fellow lovely bloggers...
Lynsey xxxx


  1. Hehe.. you're welcome gorgeous.


  2. Great to learn more about you! I love Edward Cullen and can't wait for the next movie as well! Thanks for the tag! I've done this one already but thanks so much for thinking of me! Check it out to learn more of me if you would like. :D