Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lollipop Loving....

No this isn't a reference to Lollipop26's blog (although I do love reading her blog!) but its my new MAC lipstick which I have fallen in love with, so introducing ........Lollipop Loving....
It is a glaze lipstick, it is actually quite similar to Maybellines Ambre Rose but this has more golden undertones and a nice golden glaze finish on your lips which can be seen from the photo below! I wore this last night and loved the look, perfect for complimenting your skintone and I think 'enhances' your glow due to the golden glaze effect!
I would of done a FOTD but I'm a hangover mess today :(
Although I also purchased Revlon Colourstay foundation after reading so many good reviews on it and have used it for the first time today and even though I am feeling a tad rough this foundation is looking ok! So I will see how it gets on with me during the week!
Lynsey xxx

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