Friday, 27 November 2009

Microdermabrasion - THE answer to clear skin!

Me and my skin have a love/hate relationship sometimes it is fine just the odd blemish nothing a bit of concealer cant fix....but sometimes I get horrible spots espcially on my chin and I just feel uurrgg when I have spots, I would kill for flawless skin............

So last week I went for a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion, this is a type of exfoliation and apprently is loved by celebs who regularly have this done. They recommend about 10 sessions every few weeks to get the maximum benefits but even after my first session all I can say is.....WOW I love my skin!!!

The treatment privides immediate visible results for ageing skin, lines and wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish scars, acne scars, stretch marks and much much more!

The treatment involves a small 'pen-like' exfoliator which is used all over the face like a small vacuum, it didnt hurt, just felt like sandpaper rubbing my skin!

I paid 25 pound for one treatment and I am definately booking in for more before christmas, my skin has never felt so soft and smooth and it just 'glowed' friends even commented on how good my skin looked. Since I had my first treatment I havent had any spots and my skin is still silky smooth with much smaller pores and I even feel confident going out without make up (now that is a first for me!) The day after, my make up just glided on my skin and lasted alllllll day it looked perfect! Apprently Alex Curren has microdermabrasion before any big nights out as it helps her make up stay put!!

So girls if you are fed up with your skin give this a try I promise you flawless skin is within your reach...I shall keep you updated on my next session I cant wait to go again! Crystal Clear is available in a number of beauty salons check out for your nearest salon offering the treatment.

Have a gorgeous weekend!

Lynsey xxx

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  1. great post i get this done twice a month & its the best thing ever makes such an instant diference definitely worth the money xoxo