Thursday, 6 August 2009

FOTD and new lipsticks :)

Today I went to my one of my favourite places........The Trafford Centre in Manchester! This is a massive shopping centre with all my favourite shops in one gorgeous location :) Luckily I live about 20 minutes away so I go whenever I can hehe!!

Today I hit the MAC counter as usual and purchased a lipstick i've wanted for a while MAC creme d'nude, I think this looks gorgeous with my holiday tan :) I also wanted the colour craft lipstick but it was sold out :(

I have also heard alot about MACS MSF's but I just dont get what they are?? Are they a blusher, bronzer, powder, shimmer?? Any advice please as I want to get one but not sure how to use it??

I also had a browse of Barry M as I love their lip sticks and got the lip colour 100 which I love, it is a lovely light nude pink with a bit more colour than the 101 so more wearable I think!

On the left is Barry M 100 and the right is MAC creme d'nude:

And a swatch of each- Barry M 100 - Mac Creme d'nude

FOTD - Tried to keep it simple and pretty for a few drinks with friends tonight :)
Face = Benefit You Rebel
Benefit Playstick in Jump Rope
Benefit 10 for killer cheekbones!
Benefit Dallas as a blush
The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer
Eyes = A golden cream eyeshadow I picked up in Greece as a base
MAC Sable all over the lip and in the crease
ELF Studio Liner
L'Oreal Collagen Mascara
GOSH bananas eyeliner in the inner corner
LIPS = Mac Creme d'nude
Benefit Cupids Bow for defining my lips

I hope you like! Any advice on MACS MSFS please comment!
I also got the Garnier Pure Active Deep Clease and Moisturiser after reading good reviews, so far so good but will give it a few more days before I do a full review on it!
And today I have also ordered Fat Burner Lipbalm......yes you read it right a lipbalm that promises to help speed metabolism, burn fat and suppress your appetite!! Sounds too good to be true well I shall give you an update when I receive it!!


  1. love the lipsticks, have been trying to get to the trafford centre all week but things keep stopping me :( xx

  2. Its heaven on earth isn't it haha :)xx

  3. Oh I love the Trafford Center but last time i went, i was too scared to go to the Mac counter, so i walked out. Was quite intimidating lol