Saturday, 1 August 2009

Holiday Haul!

I have just returned from an amazing cruise around the greek islands and Turkey, and as usual I made a few beauty purchases!!

Firstly before we even left for the airport our bag was overweight so I removed my make up bag and suddenly the bag was underweight....hmmm think that might be trying to tell me something!!

I love airport shopping and love taking advantage of the tax free beauty products! Firstly I found Girls Aloud Lashes in a special pack exclusive for airport shopping, I love Girls Aloud Lashes so I grabbed this and I also picked up the eyelure falsh lash adhesive which I tried on holiday and found that it lasted it all night so it almost beats MAC glue for staying power!!

I love these lashes especially Cheryls as they give a really full on look without looking 'too much' and Nicholas give a really pretty look, the only ones I am not keen on are Sarahs as they look too full on and very fake!

I also purchased BeneFit 10 powder, I absolutely love this product and this is the 3rd time I have bought it as I use it sooooo much!! It gives me defined, killer cheekbones and looks gorgeous day or night. I cant say enough nice things about this product :)

While we were cruising, the second island we called at was Rhodes and while exploring the island I found my favourite shop in the entire world..........Sephora (why oh why do we not have this shop in the UK???)

This is me outside Sephora I heart it :)

I was very good though as I only purchased a few little items (mainly as I was being rushed!!).

So I picked up.......
(From Left - Right)

1. Sephora Make up corrector pen - this is supposed to remove any make up mistakes you make, thought it would come in handy for touching up eyeliner mistakes!

2. Sephora Make up brush shampoo - this is great for cleaning your brushes it is anti bacterial too so your brushes get a really good clean, I always find that if i've not cleaned my brushes for a while that I start to get spots (and my skin isn't the best anyway so need to look after it!) so I religiously clean my brushes now!

3. Sephora nail colour in 02 Beige - this makes a lovely base coat for a french manicure, I love nice manicured nails, as I work in a Hospital I cant have acrylic nails but I can jsut about get away with a french manicure which I always do myself :)
Here is a quick manicure I just did with my new nail polish just 2 coats and a lick of white polish on the tips! Who needs an expensive manicurist??

Thats it from my holiday for now, am currently loving my tan and the way I can get away without foundation yay, hope your all having a good weekend! xxx

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