Monday, 10 August 2009

In and Out post!

Thought I would do a quick in and out blog for a monday morning!!

- Fat burner lipbalm from hq, am applying this religiously in the hope that it is suppressing my appetite!
- ELF eyeshadow C brush, so easy to create a smoky eye as this brush fits perfectly into the crease of your eye giving just the right amount of eyeshadow onto the crease to look good!
- MAC creme d'nude lipstick, loving nude lips with a golden tan and smoky eyes!
-Only 4 more weeks till I hit the massive clubs of the beautiful island that is Ibiza!
- Model CO Beauty Fix , like hairspray but for your make up! Just spritz on your face after applying make up and this seals it all day :) I''m impressed with it!

-The fact it is a monday morning and i'm working in a&e till 9pm :(
- Holiday tan is fading - need to hit Ibiza sooooooon!
- New Benefit perfumes, had a quick smell of each of the new fragrances but am not impressed B-Spot was the perfect summer fragrance, good job I got it before it got discontinued!
-ELF lip plump and primer, the lip plump has already got stuck in the lid and has broke off only used it once!

Hope you all had a good weekend x

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